synthesizer settings in piano 3d

Hi, we have just released a new version of Piano 3D app. It will be automatically updated on your devices, but if you don’t want to wait, you can update it manually from the AppStore or Play Store. So what’s new?


Piano 3D v1.1 introduces a new sound, which, in fact, is much more than a regular sound. It is a software synthesizer with Amplitude and Frequency modulators, ADSR filter and three signal generators. There will be a whole blog post about this with in-depth overview later. But you already can use it by selecting “Synthesizer” sound in the sounds menu.

Keys animation

Another new feature is improved key animation. Now when the key goes up, it bounces a little bit to emulate the real behavior of piano keys.

Tutorials improvements

Prior to v1.1, all tutorials were hardcoded in the app. It means that in order to add a new tutorial, we had to create a new release and upload it to AppStore and Play Store. This process is very slow and can take up to one week. Now we can dynamically upload new tutorials and even change old ones without creating new releases. We are gonna use this feature very extensively.

Subscription workflow

We also changed the way subscription work. We used to force users to watch an ad or buy a subscription on the first launch. Obviously, it scared users and I believe it was a reason for app uninstalls. Now we give one day subscription for new users so that they can test the app without any restriction for one day, and then, if they like it, either buy a subscription or watch an ad. We are still thinking about the proper way of monetizing the app, so in future we may fine tune this workflow.

Bug fixes

After watching an ad we now show proper text saying “You now have your 10 minutes of full access” instead of saying “20 minutes” which was not correct.

There used to be two Argentina national anthems in the menu, we fixed this.

Performance improvements

UI interface, lights, and shadows were optimized which led to drastic performance improvements. Low-end Android devices will benefit the most.

Your feedback is important

If you have any feedback, you can use comments in this post/feedback in AppStore or PlayStore/email [email protected] or [email protected].

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