piano 3d main screen help

1. Start/stop current tutorial. It only works if a tutorial is selected (see #2).

2. Open the tutorial selection menu.

3. Turn the Practice mode on/off. If the Practice mode is off, keys are pressed automatically during tutorials. It may be useful if you have just started learning a song.

4. Current sound. You can change sounds in #6.

5. Open the subscriptions menu. If you have purchased a subscription it shows how much time left, otherwise it allows to buy one.

6. Open the sound selection menu where you can change current sound (see #4).

7. Open the setting menu.

8. Rewind the current tutorial. Only works if a tutorial is selected.

9. Scroll the keyboard.

10. Scale the keyboard.


piano 3d tutorial selection screen help

1. Open search dialog. Sometimes search is much more convinient than scrolling genres or playlists.

2. The list of genres.

3. The tutorial's name.

4. Play the tutorial. This button is useful to "preview" the tutorial because the current menu is not closed.

5. Add/remove from favorites.

6. Select the tutorial. You are navigated to the main menu after you have selected a tutorial.


piano 3d subscription screen help

Subscription menu allows you to buy a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription giving you ad-free access to tutorials. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy a subscription, instead you can watch an ad to get 10 minute subscription for free.


piano 3d sound selection screen help

1. Change current sound.

Currenlty there are only 3 instruments by we are going to add more in future.


piano 3d settings screen help

1. Display or hide notes names (e.g. A, A#, B etc.)

2. Switch between 2D and 3D modes.

3. Change keyboard color.

4. Subscribe to Piano 3D social media to get latest news and announcements.