I think it’s fun to see how an applciation is created (haven’t you seen Discovery’s “How it is made?”), so here is a speeded up video of Piano 3D development. It shows extending the keyboard to 88 keys, modelling the first “A” key (it’s shape is different) in blender and mixing everything together in Unity 3D and Visual Studio. But you don’t have to understand everything here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Piano 3D youtube channel.

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Hi! We have launched new Piano 3D blog. Yay! I used to blog about Piano 3D in my development blog, but I realized that there is much more information I could share with you, and it is not limited to the development process only. That is why, as an addition to Piano 3D social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) we now have this place.

I would really like to build a community around Piano 3D, and I believe this place is essential for achieving this goal. But this blog will not be dedicated to Piano 3D entirely. In fact, I want it to be about piano and music in general. We are going to discuss very old classical music as well as new pop songs, classical instruments and new fancy synthesizers, ADSR filters and music theory. And, of course, we will not forget about Piano 3D.

I am very excited about this! Aren’t you?

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